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Sealed auction software that works

Why keep looking for a solution for your sales when we have an online sealed auction software solution that works?

Sealed auctions best lend themselves to charities, fundraising and general benefit events, private vendor machinery and industrial asset sales, and high-end art collection auctions.

With the growth of the internet, the benefits of anonymity are clearly advantageous when it comes to running an online sealed auction sale in conjunction with your sealed auction events. Online bidders log into the platform using a secure login to anonymously place bids on items.

Why our auction software solution is the one for your next auction event

With more than 15 years online auction experience, we have the knowledge and resources to help you bring your auctions online.

Take advantage of every opportunity to showcase your items for your auction event, with unlimited photos, descriptions, PDF reports and more, all displayed nicely on individual product description pages. Related items are matched to your lot to facilitate browsing between lots.

The system also facilitates real-time reporting, language translations, currency conversions and invoice generation.

Increase profits, make your auctions a success

Why wait? Ask us for a demo to see how our auction software can help your business, cause, charity or event. Our auctions are fully supported, with dedicated contacts available for you and your bidders throughout the duration of your sealed event. Start boosting profits for your business today.

The New Webtron 7.0 Auction Software is here

There has never been a better time to upgrade your online auction with Webtron’s 7.0 newest updates released. Take advantage of white label, Sealed Auction Software that can run auctions from your own website.

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